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Special offers

Our cleaning services are based on the size, location and specific requirements of each customer.


Depending on size. 

Lounge £45.00
1 bedroom £35.00
Hallway/stairs £35.00
1 bedroom house £80.00
2 bedroom house £100.00
3 bedroom house £120.00

Minimum order £30.


Our carpet cleaners are fully trained.
Fully insured up to £1 million on products and public liability.

Terms and Conditions - The terms on our website supersede any other issued. By ordering A&E Carpet Cleaning's service by telephone, e-mail, fax or A&E Carpet Cleaning's website the client agrees to be bound by A&E Carpet Cleaning's terms and conditions. It is the responsibility of the client to contact A&E Carpet Cleaning should they have any issues in relation to these terms before work commences. Once work has commenced, it is accepted by the client and has agreed to the quotation given and understand the outcome of the clean explained at such quotation.